October 31st, 2004

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6968 - lonely Tylenol is a palindrome

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Hooray for Lite-Brite!

Nuts. I just wrote a longy-long Halloween entry, and poofadoodle. Looks like LJ played a Halloween Trick on me. Just the quickie highlights and archives, then.

Tommy Vu say "You a Loooozuh!" <- flashback to 1992 or so.

Timewarp. All the stuff in my house recalibrates itself except for my TV, which serves as an alarm clock. So, up I am an hour earlier than is necessary to switch phones over to the other tech. I figure it'll be easier to stay up now than go back to bed and wake up in an hour. After that, ol' bedski's mine for an extra hour or two.. whatever feels right to sleep into.

Halloween Resources!

Nifty Chess game shows the logic of how it plays.

I wonder why Man-Bat didn't get all kinds of cool man-based gizmos... A Man-mobile, man-cave, the "Man Signal" or Manarangs?


Thank goodness athat all major transforming monsters kep their pants on, for dignity's sake. It wouldn't do to have the Hulk, Mr. Hyde, Man-Bat or Wolfman running around with their winkies flapping in the wind.

Holy Cow... I really hope the last episode of the Venture Brothers really is the *last* episode. What a perfect way to end the series. I would have no problem buying the 14-episode set should it actually come out on DVD.

Go in peace, dear journal.

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