November 10th, 2004

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6991 - dang it.

son of a... lost power and apparently my draft wasn't saved. This happens just a smidgen too often.

Well, no time to cry over spilled milk now.

How much of a recap can I type out from memory in 10 minutes? Let's see!

Danny and I were coming up with quotes to put under his yearbook, supporting his school's all-girl volleyball team, "The Lions".

Ideas i came up with, but were rejected for reasons of propriety were -
  • There's nothing more attractive than a positively-charged lion!

  • Lions? I thought it was loins!

  • Who's this Annette person I keep hearing about? (Lame volleyball pun)

  • Even Nero rooted for The Lions! (probably way too inappropriate for a Christian school.)

Shouldn't an all-girls team be called "The Lionesses", anyhow? That was what led me to remember an old superfriends comic books where Jayna turned into a peacock...rather than a peahen. even at 11 years old, I knew that something was up... does that mean she could say "form of a human male"? Considering that Zan could change into a water/ice form of anything... I'm afraid to do a search on wonder twin fanfic. I don't know if I could handle underage transgender incest superhero stories... with a monkey. Poor Gleek.

Wonder Twins

For what it's worth, I think that Zan had better powers... sure, he was limited to water and ice forms, but why would a "Icy Mammoth" be any worse than "Woolly Mammoth"? He was effectively invulnerable... you could shatter him, melt him, turn him to water vapor, but he was still cohesive and able to act with some volition... and he could become machinery too.. a jet engine at least once. Jan as a woolly Mammoth would be wiped out with a bazooka... or more likely, a punch from a pissed off telepathic gorilla.

I originally thought that mauled only applied to a bear attack, but in my googling, I came across this site - actresses mauled by lions.

I guess that's a throwback to one of my favorite old SNL skits : "Looks at Books: Mauled"... Sakes... you can look anything up on the internet!

Fun linkies from my notepad:


75 network cools - including this item Airsnort, which figures out WEP keys by listening to traffic

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Florida LP (local)

6994 - Not that most 52% of Floridians care, but...

The AP came out with this story:

A national organization says Florida is one of the "meanest" states toward the homeless - ranking it behind only California.

Washington-based National Coalition for the Homeless placed three Florida locations in its list of "Meanest Cities:"

5. Gainesville
11. Sarasota
12. Key West

It's a short article, so I went ahead and found the press release. This is it. I wonder if those "value-voters" think helping the poor is in line with their "moral values."

via Florida news

JB & GP - Austin is way up there, too.

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