November 12th, 2004

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6997 - Friday! Finally.

I'm getting calls from collections companies, looking for my brother. Bad time to share his last name, and to live in the same building he did.

Fortunately, every single time I feel like I'm getting down, Newt straightens up my act. He's a smartie. If I'm growly or snarly or whatnot, he just comes trotting up, and gives me a headbutt, and little cat-hug. That's a standing stretch to his hind legs, and his forelegs go around my neck, or my shin, or whatever is handy, while he nuzzles.

Everyone should get some Newtie-love... it'd make the world a better place.

Speaking of the world being better, I'm pleased with the number of new buddies I've made in the last span or so of time. My old pals are lovely, too, of course, but it's especially nice to have fresh seasoning in the mix.

I have all aired episodes of Lost stored now.. I just have to burn them off to VCDs to Free up the space. Right now, it's about 2.7 gigs. Not a lot since I've removed most of my piggy games from the system, but it's nice to maintain housekeeping.

Next Projects -

Good Eats, Brisco County, and the Venture Brothers.

Getting it

I got a nudge from my link sponsor asking if anyone wants to host links for them. let me know if you're interested in getting a few bucks via paypal every month for non-graphic, non-porno text links on your site.

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