November 18th, 2004

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7009 - The average smell weighs 760 nanograms

I've been scribbling a lot of abstract doodles lately... fun to do. I miss the coloringbook community in its prime.

In 1787 the Continental Congress of the Confederation commissioned the first penny. Designed by Ben Franklin, the front featured the sun rising over a sun dial. The word "Fugio," Latin for "I fly," sat next to the sundial, and the motto underneath, which admonished everyone to "Mind Your Business."

The Sodium Party (part of this cool website)

Dan's a fussy ol' fart, and doesn't want to see the Spongebob movie with me this weekend. If he can't get together, I'll go it alone this weekend, and run the risk of looking like a big stoner. No worries.

Useful Web Applications

Maybe I'll hit the Broward County Fair this weekend, too.

I wonder how sedef, oneeyed, bq, and sa are doing lately?

'Vampire' Killer Found Dead in Jail Cell Collapse )

Harry Lampert, the illustrator who created the DC Comics superhero "The Flash" and later became known for his instructional books on bridge, died Saturday. He was 88. Collapse )

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks Basketball team has a weblog. The NBA fined Mark Cuban because of an entry he wrote.

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