November 20th, 2004

scotto piercing gaze superhero

7014 - I feel like being a gold-brickin' meathead today.

Good Movie torrent site... Where else can you get Eddie Izzard Concerts, Jeremiah Johnson and House of Flying Daggers? Pretty Scotto-liscious.

I forgot how much I liked the character Pete from Brisco County. Quirky. Pam liked him, too.

I'm not sure if the full beard is better or worse than the goat. It's different, and certainly seasonal. I may just try my hand at having my jaws fuzzed for a few weeks. There's a bit more salt in with the pepper now.

I wonder what sort of theme music would follow me around? I'd sort of like sitar, but somehow, I suspect that I'd be pigeonholed into some lumbering brass in there. Heaven Help me if I were to get the "Otis" theme from the Superman movies. I like to think that I give off an air of calm, kindness, and intelligence, but I think about how much of the goof would override that?

Just as well that I don't have my own theme or incidental music.

Man... Dictionaraoke still cracks me up regularly.

Assorted fun flash games

Danny wants to go to Otaku-Con in a month.

I'm not too big on most anime, but cons offer me a chance to hit the dealers rooms for Christmas prezzies, a chance to socialize with Dan where he's very happy, and there's supposed to be a bunch of cosplayers there.... which just brings out the "Dian Fossey - Research Primatologist" in me. I'm a people-watcher, and the more fringe elements always teach me something new.

I wonder if James / Mark / Renata / Etc. will be attending? I haven't seem much of that crew in a dog's age.

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