November 21st, 2004

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7016 - Is it true that giraffes are the only animals born with horns?

Walkabout yesterday started as a dud, but ended on a high note.

Dragon's lair, picked up a pair of Pirates of the Spanish Main game decks. (we never got around to opening them... good for next time.)

Dan and I went to the Seminole Casino... booooring. I totally fail to catch the appeal of Texas hold 'em or electronic slot machines... we ate food that was better suited to a food court, and tried to people-watch.. yawny yawn yawn..

Afterwards, we went out to the pool, which had a nifty sort of "yosimite" looking water slide, but nothing really camera worthy.

A bit disappointed, Dan and I headed to a local watering hole to just chit-chat... that ended things on a higher note.

Dan headed out at about 4:30, to drop me off and then take the Mrs. to their regular Saturday night dance date.

I decided that sitting around the house was sort of blah, so I relaunched into the city to pick up some dinner and continue to people watch... Interesting night. I got to talking to some folks along the waterfront and I think I may've made a new pal or two. Thank goodness for crowded tables... I was sitting solo, and the place was full, so hooray for sharing! We exchanged cards... let's see if I get a call or not. Heck, I might've recruited some folks to help with the org... if not, I had a nice night of pleasant conversation, anyhow.

Rewatching the Incredibles as a screener this morning... the music is really quite good. I didn't notice that the first time. Also, Frozone wears Hai Karate.

Bro called me from a pay phone this morning... told me he was doing ok, but he sounded a bit stupefied. Apparently he no longer has his cell phone.

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