December 11th, 2004

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7062 - My Henna tattoo reads "forever"

Field Trip to Parrot Jungle I think. Camera safari! Overdue for a day-trip. [update: that's not going to happen, at least not today.]

Does anyone know how to convert Cubase files to a wav or mp3? My buddy's been trying to use cubase in conjunction with fruity loops for quite a while now, and I don't know the littlest bit about the programs (or most music software). Or does Cubase have some sort of WAV file plug in? I'll have to make a point of asking leftyrok and sebab especially.

Assault With A Pork Chop

DECEMBER 10--Meet Ernesto Hernandez-Rosales. The 39-year-old Oklahoma inmate has been charged with the pork chop assault of a fellow resident of the Lexington Correctional Center. According to investigators, Hernandez-Rosales tried last month to settle a beef by stabbing Jermaine Portillo, 21, in the eye with a "sharpened pork chop bone." Hernandez-Rosales, who is already serving an eight-year sentence for marijuana distribution, was named this week in a felony information charging him with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Portillo, who was not seriously injured in the pork bone attack, is doing a 20-year stretch for armed robbery. A prior prison stay was also eventful, with Portillo getting charged at one point with illegally "placing body fluid on government employee."

MANATEE WINDOW KISS! - 2.6 meg quicktime movie

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Breakfast of a lot of fruitiness. Total Raisin bran, an apple and a banana. and carnation strawberry instant breakfast.

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