December 16th, 2004

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7072 - Almost to the weekend...

Got to hang with Mel after work, and until we were staggeringly sleepy last night... last time for a bit, she's got to work until Sunday on her gig. We spent our time together eating ziti, watching tv, laughing like fools, and exchanging stories about bodily functions.

She had no interest in going to the gig, but will do so, just out of a sense of duty. I wish I could go with her, but I'll be at work during most of it.

I wonder if I'll get a chance to meet up GP and Katt this holiday season?

Saturday is Otaku-con with Danny, and I should do laundry and Christmas shop a bit in the meantime.

Sunday, we'll both have a late lunch with the mom. I'm looking forward to that. No, really!

8:15 fund-raising demo, and a 10:15 tech training. somewhere in between, I get to teach Jill how to do web-stats, and some more advanced html, like tables.

I also have to teach Eric and Mona how to do sexual predator stuff before I decide to dash off for vacation.

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