December 18th, 2004

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7074 - Hey, Life's tough, get a helmet.

There is enough salt in the ocean to cover the continents 500 feet deep.

hooray for amino acids!

I haven't heard about any major standouts on the "hot new Christmas toy" this year... what is this year's "Tickle me Elmo" ?

similarities aside, differences abound

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I'm surprised by the low openmindedness score, especially imagination. (I misread it.. I am probably more practical than dreamy lately.) I think the introspection percentage skewed it all lower. I really spike all over the charts with some real highs and lows.

Yeesh, oh great...
Drug abuse

If you’re taking Celebrex, you might want to stop doing so. It may cause a heart attack. Oh, and if you have lung cancer? And your doctor prescribed Iressa for you? Sorry, seems like it’s worthless. Oh! And all you hyperactive ADD kids downing Strattera, if you have any liver problems, too? Uh… yeah, that’s bad.

Such was the cheery news out of three drug companies today as announcements sent pharmaceutical stocks plunging and patients scratching their heads about what the hell they’re supposed to do now that their treatments either don’t work or make things worse.

Earlier this year, Merck pulled arthritis medicine Vioxx off the market because, oops, heart attacks. Merck is now struggling to survive in the face of lawsuits and a falling share price.

Before my surgery, and even afterward, I was put on an extremely high dose of celebrex, and I'm very happy that I stopped taking it. I hope they find some other non-narcotic solution.

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scotto monkeypulse

7076 - confolk

update later

4.75 hours after scheduled movie start time , 6 staffers on the job


Looks like there won't be much movietime!

A panel of experts can't fix a projector that isn't there.