January 4th, 2005

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Had a nice lunch with Mel yesterday... a pleasant midday break from trainings and such.

There's an unusual feeling I get, when I get to the point in a relationship where I am, now. Past the infatuation... the recognition of the other side's more human faults and acceptance of same into the big picture. I start to wonder what life is like with a lot more of her in it, and what loss I'd feel if she was gone. I run myself through a kind of emotional diagnostic, mentally running myself down a tree of possible events, when I know in my mind that I can't really control what the future will bring... I just feel out what the results will be.

Recently, I've had quite the craving for fish & chips. I'd settle for a big cup of boardwalk fries and a spray bottle filled with malt vinegar.

Good fruit preserves on big, thick slices of toast, too.

I wonder what is causing that? Sweet, salt, starch. Maybe I'm due to smack the bread machine around a bit, too.

Random pic of me looking more pensive than usual.
First direct thought - What was going through my mind when the cam took the picture? It's not posed.
First vain thought - my eyes are prettier in color.

I don't know what I was feeling at the time.

Random Scotto factoid - most people guess my age is about 28 when they first see me.

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PLH, Dear Journal.
Peace, Love And Happiness.
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