January 10th, 2005

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7115 - Monday. 'Allo. 'Allo.

Mel isn't crazy about my lovely Hawaiian music. She's having some difficulty with her gramma lately, too.. Gram isn't very physically happy with meds... they have a "return to sender" sort of effect. Mel took her to the ER yesterday, and Gram got to spend the night at the hospital. That sort of killed our Sunday outing, but there's always next weekend.

Mel made me happy when she very carefully and kindly escorted a stinging caterpillar off of her car, and guided him onto a leaf in order to transport him to a tree. That means a lot... not just a flick onto the ground.

Tons of free Old Time Radio shows for free online. I hope they get Johnny Dollar soon. Nero Wolfe and Blue Beetle are my current earfuls. More fodder to put in the mp3 player.

I miss Hostess fruit pies, but I miss Dolly Madison's chocolate pudding pies even more.

Evil Corporate discovery: Interstate Brands Corporation owns Hostess AND Dolly Madison. (also Drake, Roman Meal, Wonder Bread and Holsum.)

FBI Most Wanted List

Long list Meme

1) Copy this list into your LJ.
2) Bold what is true.
3) Leave plain what is false.
4) If you're not sure, put it in italics.
5) Add something at the end.

Collapse )

Some crazy flash video of that silly song I was digging a few weeks ago. I still love the refrain, and totally understand why the guy is jamming out. I was wondering why the mp3 was getting so many hits this week. I had to rename it at one point when someone was using it as an endless loop on their homepage, hotlinking directly to the file in my directory. He stopped after I closed directory viewing and recorded a new mp3 referring to him as a bandwidth thief (and someone who pleasures donkeys orally.) I gave him fair warning, but when he renamed the file a second time, harsher methods were required. I wonder how long it was playing in the background before he changed it?

I must be getting older... my ear isn't as close to the crazy conspiracy theory types as it used to be... I haven't heard many "the tsunami was a result of the CIA testing its earthquake machine" theories.

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