January 11th, 2005

scotto monkeypulse

7117 - Tuesday... that's correct, boy wonder.

Turtles do look a bit like igloos.

I think things will be financially back on track, finally. Quite a relief. Overextended myself a bit... fortunately, I have a little snap. I look forward to the removal of tension there.

"A candle loses nothing of its light by lighting another candle."

Three great torrent sites to snag tv shows without registration


Towerseek - beta torrent search

I can't seem to nail "Growing up Gotti", but all my other TV curiosities have been fed there.

Lately, I have the urge to play a stand up bass, and use the pointed tip to kill vampires that try and break up any jam session I might be playing in.

Best metasearch engine - www.info.com (searches Google, Ask Jeeves, Yahoo, Altavista, Overture, Inktomi, LookSmart, Overture, Open Directory all at the same time.), although the name makes me think of old text adventures.

A load of people fired for blogging

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