January 13th, 2005

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Note to self, snag last night's Lost off of isoHunt tonight. tvtorrent didn't pick it up.

Removed that Romanian pop... a bunch of xanga kids were using it as an endless loop to be played in the background. I replaced it to play the leech song on any xanga site... hooray for .htaccess !

Supercar... Supercar...
With beauty and grace,
as swift as can be,
watch it flying through the air.
It travels in space,
or under the sea,
and it can journey anywhere.

Supercar... Supercar...
It travels on land,
or roams the skies,
through a heavens stormy rage,
It's Mercury-manned,
and everyone cries,
"it's the marvel of the age!"

Supercar... Supercar... Supercar!

swiped from resilience - list x number of statements about random people on your friends list, but you don't say who the statements are about.

  1. I've had a crush on you off and on since we met on lj, ages ago.

  2. You don't post nearly as often as I'd like, but I always enjoy your content, humor and intellect.

  3. Your digital images are some of the best photographic work I've seen online or off.

  4. Man, what is wrong with you? Lately, you are my token train wreck to watch on my list. I wonder if you're faking it sometimes.

  5. I miss you. I keep you well past my "expiration date" in the hopes that you'll return.

  6. You are all-around awesome. You impress just about every time I see you, and that's no small feat.

  7. Get over the suicide. Dwelling on it so deeply for so long is just unhealthy. If you can't do it on your own, find some help.

  8. You are extremely silly, artistic, intelligent and cute. Keep up the good work.

  9. You're smart, but your one "fatal flaw" makes me want to rip off your arm and bash you with it, Beowulf-style. Fix that, please.

  10. I have high hopes for your immediate and distant future.

  11. Your Travelogues and entries in general are the meat and potatoes of what journaling is all about.

  12. If you were local, I'd probably never have met Mel and would likely be dating you now.

  13. You finally figured it out, and got away from what was dragging you down. Kudos.

  14. If I were killed tomorrow, you'd be the one I'd pick to take care of Newton. (I guess I'd pick you using a Ouija board or something.)

  15. I hope to spend more time with you, now that you're in Florida. I'm glad your life has taken such a wonderful turn.

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