January 17th, 2005

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7126 - Look out! The Chemicals are Reacting!

Spent the day yesterday with Mel... at the house from about noon to 8ish. Nice time watching discovery channel, eating ziti, snuggling, playing with Newt , and discussing science. We disagreed about the earth's wobble being ultimately dangerous or not, but we're more than happy to agree to disagree, since there's nothing either of us can do to change how the world spins or tilts in any significant way.

Got nicely complimented... "Is there anything you don't know some little piece of information about?" via Mel.

She knows a *lot* of things I don't know about, and I'm the opposite side of that coin. We combine to have quite a mass of knowledge, with a fair overlap. I'd say that I'm more book smart, and she's more real world experienced, though cases have come up where our intellectual positions were reversed.

Dick Tracy's daughter-in-law was an alien.

Note to Danny - All of these are possible translations -
Per Ardua ad Astra - "Through struggles to the Stars"

Per aspera ad astra - "Through the thorns to the stars"

Sic itur ad astra - "Such is the path to the stars" (Virgil)
Only Douggles will know for sure.

Pic of Me(sans beard & Long hair), Doug, Dan (sans 'stache) - circa 1994ish? Man, I loved that tank shirt. Odd things, Doug and I have the same stance, and I forget about questions of scale until I see pictures of myself next to other people.

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Searching for my name on alltheweb cracks me up. I really dig how it splits web, pictures, audio and video.

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