January 19th, 2005

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7130 - And, back to the hump again.

Family Drama. I deal with the brother and the mother. Mel deals with her mother and grandmother. A lot of tension this past week or so.

I wonder how long *any* of them are going to last... A lot of poor health, either physical or mental. Not going to bother going into too many details in a public post, but we'll work it out.

My link sponsor wrote to tell me that I'll still be paid, but to remove the prior sponsored links for my site.. while I wait for the new ones, they just return to the main page. I wonder what changed?

Length of Day: 10h 45m, tomorrow will be 0m 57s longer
Length Of Visible Light: 11h 34m

55 °F / 13 °C Scattered Clouds

Humidity: 77%
Dew Point: 48 °F / 9 °C
Wind: 6 mph / 9 km/h from the North
Pressure: 30.34 in / 1027 hPa
Visibility: 10.0 miles / 16.1 kilometers
UV: 1 out of 12
Clouds (AGL): Scattered Clouds 4000 ft / 1219 m

One of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes cartoons.

Post 15 facts about yourself, but five of them have to be made up. Everyone then guesses which are the untrue ones. Then, post this on your journal and see if I can guess which ones you're bluffing about!

I've modified it to be a check-poll. Of course, feel free to answer in comments, too.

Poll #420711 10 facts, 5 lies. pick the fibs

Which five of these are fibs?

1. There is a jar of river-bottom fossils on my window sill.
2. I have a lot of emotional investment in Librans.
3. Newton was named for the way he is constantly in motion or at rest (3 Laws of Motion)
4. I'm missing a tooth on the lower right side, and Mel's missing one on her upper left.
5. My favorite workout sport to is a tie between "war walking" and "photo safari"
6. The majority of my careers have been in environments with a female workers outnumbering males by at least 4:1
7. I've eaten doughnuts more than a few times with one of the greatest boxers of the 70s and 80s
8. When I was little, I wanted to be a Knight Templar. Now, I'd rather not.
9. I can point out at least 30 of 88 constellations in the night sky.
10. I think that "orb photography" is not ghost related
11. I've sniffed an Egyptian mummy, and had dust go up my nose. I was delighted that there might be ancient corpse pieces going home with me that day.
12. Lately, my favorite sammich is a vegan "egg salad" on croissant with black pepper, lettuce and onion.
13. I'm glad that I'm a lazy, nice guy, because if I acted on elements of my evil imagination, I'd have been jailed (or worse) long ago.
14. I want to try a bit of placenta if my mate has a baby
15. I think that I'd look good in a bowler hat and a red turtleneck cable knit sweater.

Boxer, Rice Exchange Pointed Words


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7131 - Fabled Monkey King's 'tomb' discovered

A "tomb" of the legendary Monkey King and his brother has been found on a mountain peak in Shunchang County, Fujian Province.

Examination of the "tomb" in a temple on the highest peak of Baoshan Mountain dates it to between the late Yuan (1271-1368) and early Ming (1368-1644) period.

The temple covers about 18 square metres and the tomb is 2.9 metres wide and 1.3 metres deep.

Two headstones in front of the "tomb" bear the carved titles of the Monkey King and his brother in regular script.

Wang Yimin, curator of the local museum explained that the Monkey King has two sisters and two brothers in an earlier story about a Tang monk's journey to India in search of Buddhist Sutras.

But in the "Journey to the West," written by Wu Cheng'en (1330-1400) later, Monkey King had integrated all the magic powers of his brothers and sisters into himself, reports the Fuzhou channel of xinhuanet.com.