January 22nd, 2005

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7135 - Saturday Morning

Stayed an extra 2 hours at work last night to get the budgets out on time.

ErN's cable net is still out, so I handed it off to MoA, who was more than happy to pick up some extra bucks. I'm on call today, at east until he gets tech support.

Mel came by last night, and the poor girl is pretty dang unhappy with her germed, snotty, sore-throaty situation. I made her as comfy as I could.. burned her some VCDs of desperate housewives/growing up Gotti.

We traded ghost stories, watched tv, and I think that I helped her to be less miserable.

I got calls from bro, the mom, and Danny last night all within 10 minutes of each other. I love my family and friends, but I was starting to really dislike the phone.

Current moment of Lyric: (thanks, misspriss!)
I got rice cooking in the microwave
Got a three day beard I don't plan to shave
And it's a goofy thing but I just gotta say
Hey I'm doing alright

Florida boy sought in Amber Alert found safe in Georgia Collapse )

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