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January 25th, 2005

Mel is still ill... went to the doc and will be returning on Wednesday. I'm a little worried, but hopefully she'll mend soon. She didn't make it over last night.. and I missed hanging out with Danny on his day off. Bah!

Upside, JH is coming along in training, and MA looks like she'll work with me on the coming schedule shifts.

Moment of Lyric -

Don't be burdened by regrets
Or make your failures an obsession
Or become embittered or possessed
By ruined hopes remember

When you take yourself for granted
Feel rejected and unwanted
Know you're never just a hat
You're never only just a hat, you know

Still trying to decide on the image to get from edbook's collection. There are so many good ones!


Hm, folks are currently evenly split on the first question of my last poll. Also, apparently nobody is Supreme, Mint or Poor.

Full Moon Tonight! Awoooooo.

Cool, Weird Wiki articles - A lot of wacky stuff that I dig.

* Scan my interest list. List any that seem odd to you (or that you wonder about).

* I'll explain it.

* Then you post this in your journal so other people can ask you about your interests.

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