February 3rd, 2005

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7152 - Ah, the sea... so mysterious, so beautiful... so wet.

I didn't do a ding-dong thing outside of my apartment on my birthday. I did get some rest and relaxation.. but no journeys anywhere, no dinner out, etc. I liked having a day off mid-week, certainly.

Dinner was a veggie sub from Quizno's. Got to see Mel for a few hours, but not as long as I would've liked... If I'd known that she was going to be running so late, I'd have gone on a day trip in the morning.

Mom couldn't do dinner, due to her being sick.

It doesn't feel like I had a day off. I had to take a call the night prior, and still babysit the company to switch phones and supply access codes yesterday. I had to wake up early to switch the phones over. All petty grievances, but it certainly disrupted the desired "big sleep" I wanted.

Mel was really the high point, I got a lot of nice birthday wishes and played a bit on LJ, too. I don't know why I'm not more thankful or grateful for the day. It just sort of came and went... feels mostly wasted.

Mm.. Cheese enchiladas and mimosas sounds like a nice belated birthday breakfast for this weekend. (randomly found at negatendo while looking for why apple makes a one button mouse.)

Someone has been reading my journal in Polish.

My referrer links are getting polluted a bit by advertisers for hold-em poker-type places. I don't know why.. I'm the only one that reads my referrer logs. Sort of a dopey spam method if you ask me.

Melissa is Greek for Bee. hm. Pretty appropriate. Industrious, soft, defies most laws of physics, and has a sting if needed. Plus, she makes things so honey-sweet when she's around.

Moment of Lyric -
Life is something set to music
I can hear it when I'm sad
There's a chord in every muscle
Every kiss you ever had
There's a power when you're near me
In our heads or in our bones
I know nothing but I'm guessing
When we die we're not alone

Collapse )

Anytime I try to doodle Mel, she looks like Whats her face from Teen girl squad. (except Mel isn't one for baggy pants.)

I used to love Choco Tacos, but the Cool Dog ice cream sundae is sort of wacky. I think because since it's vanilla and looks like a sausage that there's too much "bratwurst" association in my mind to properly eat it.

Zombie trick expected to send spam sky-high Collapse )

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