February 7th, 2005

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7162 - More walkabout piccies.

So, apparently some sort of important sporting event happened last night. Las Olas had huge projection TV screens running every few feet hours before the game was to start.

I figured it'd be a good time to go see House of Flying Daggers (click on the bold words for scotto-snaps at the movie) on the big screen at the local cineplex. I wasn't the only one. There were approximately five people there besides myself.

While I was out on my Sunday walk, I discovered the latest hubbub from one of our resident artists. In the area around 2nd and Andrews, some enterprising person glued glass (or plexiglass) tiles to crosswalk signals. Hand painted face with the words "Robert did it" underneath. it looks like the face was drawn on first, then painted, and then some sort of bonding agent was applied, and then stuck to the metal crosswalk poles. It reminded me of leftyrok for some reason or another. I wonder if Robert is the same guy that did the blue bikes?

Hmm.. I didn't realize that I'd gotten a picture of my shoe-toe in some of the ant pictures yesterday.

Cemetery Trip piccies #3 - Angels, demon, wind chimes and dead lumberjacks

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Moment of Lyric -
Gone fishing
I'm taking
The path of least resistance

Going through the archives, Newtcam caught me kissing Newtie goodbye before my cemetery walk on Saturday.


Wow... immersive gaming tech is getting better and better. I can see a lot of applications for tabletop gaming both paper and pencil RPG or wargame stuff. Check out the video

I'm looking forward to this mixed with a HUD and a first-person shooter. (via)

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