February 8th, 2005

scotto piercing gaze superhero

7165 - I'm reminded of those Mexican crows.

Woo! Lovely Birthday Prezzie came in the mail yesterday! Thanks mucho, kindly little doo-bee! I've been wanting to read it since I knew it was compiled in one volume.

My cable went out last night for about an hour. The house is a lot more quiet with no tv sounds in it, filling the background.

Bad juju yesterday. Monday, throughout. New moon today, maybe things will start fresh along with it.

Moment of Lyric - tacotacotacotacoaiaiaiaiaiaiaiai

Taco ninja has an awesome theme song. (via GrayPumpkin)

Anyone want to bring me a Kind Veggie Burrito with Falafel, or some "Nothing died for this chili" chili?

They also give out free condoms.

Wow, Ol' Supes really is a jerk, isn't he?

last bit of cemetery pictures in my lj gallery

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