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February 9th, 2005

7167 - Kung hei fat choi

A fellow named Kerby once mentioned to me (not too long ago, in fact) "All problems are love problems." He's a smartie.

Happy Chinese New Year, Ash Wednesday and Tết Nguyên Ðán

Farewell Monkey. Hello, Rooster.

Yesterday flowed reasonably well, all things considered. Good things could still be ahead. I'm stymied and fragmented today, understandably so. There's promise in the future, though we might have to trim a little scar tissue and work around a few things. Good stuff is worth a little work, so no worries.

Four cool Dolls.

Make a flower out of any URL. I have no idea how it decides what goes where.

I want to write a letter to a long lost friend and love. Maybe even mail it off.

The latest on that girl who allegedly had her mom murdered, then posted about it in her journal.

(glassdog broke the story, last thanksgiving.)

Machine Gun Vs Katana

via GrayPumpkin (he's been spotting a lot of linkies lately!)

google maps is in beta, and has a lot of nifty ui elements. via wickenden

Helpless after his dad dies of illness, this man lives here with corpse for 10 years Read more...Collapse )

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7168 - Newt in the Morning - Blurry.

blurry morning 020905 blurry morning 020905
It makes me happy that I can check on Newt from the net, whenever I want. I can't believe my birthday was a week ago already. Time stretching/shrinking persists.

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