February 11th, 2005

scotto monkeypulse

7172 - Friday, 42F, clear.

Did Laundry Yesterday, so I have the whole weekend chore-free. This morning's clothes are still warm from the dryer, as were last night's sheets when I got in bed. A very comforting feeling.

I hope to spend at least Monday, maybe Sunday with Mel. Saturday is going to be another walkabout day, I think, and tonight... well, I think I'll just mellow out at home with the Newtster and my birthday books. Also, I still haven't watched last Wednesday's lost. That's probably on the Friday agenda, too. Maybe work on a writing assignment.

The Room - sort of a quiz thingum.

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Einstein the Parrot - clever bird!

Moment of Lyric:
Open up the part of you that wants to hide away
You can shine
Forget about the reasons why you can
deny and start to try 'cus it's your time, time to fly

And when your down and feeling low,
just want to run away
Trust yourself and don't give up
You know you better than anyone else

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