February 12th, 2005

Kind lady

7174 - We burn them to ashes... and then burn the ashes.

Dreams of being some sort of calcified Stretch Armstrong last night. I was myself, but everyplace on my body that I could feel bone crumbled when I pressed with a little effort. I was afraid to crush my face, but popping my knuckles and stretching my fingers like taffy was almost hypnotic. Now that I'm awake, I think I would've tested on something safer, like my little toes or something. I'm glad I still could walk upright and use my limbs normally, too.

The sun was an odd color of orange... for some reason, my entire dream took place at sunset.. for hours and hours.

More on the google diarist who was fired over his journal

I'm back on my Netflix kick. I've got my DVD burner ready to rock and roll. Er, I mean, I'm looking forward to watching lots of good movies.

I don't think I've ever mentioned that I live around the corner from the Cosmic Muffin , a houseboat made out of Howard Hughes' Boeing 307 stratoliner (a variant of the B-17 Flying Fortress).

Pictures of it parked at the Riverwalk at night and during the day.

It's pretty keen...when I first saw it, I got the sense that it was submersible.

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Don Simpson's got an online journal, and I find this entry about concrete operationals entertaining. (Don's the creator of Megaton Man, amongst other things). I especially like the comment -
"I disagree that comics have a "stigma" that keeps people away. This is a country where adults watch NASCAR and listen to country music in broad daylight; they are not ashamed about doing anything they damn well please. They just don't want to read comics. Comics don't speak to the overwhelming majority of adults. There are content as well as formal issues at work, not stigmas -- or bad potty training."

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