February 15th, 2005

sleestak idol (Enlightenment)

7180 - call me lafcadio.

I got the photo in the mail yesterday from edbook.. it's great. I need to mat and frame it now. He gave me some great suggestions on how to do that.. I'm going to research my options more closely on that this weekend.

Kudos, Ed!

Today, chocolate is going to be cheap at CVS. Probably 50% or more off.

In a week, it'll be 75% off

Two Weeks from now, it'll be 90% off, if it's anything like Christmas was.

I may do some buying then, just to get the cool tins, and leave the choccies at work to give the folk there a sugar buzz.

Moment of lyric:

Marshall, Will and Holly... on a routine expedition... felt the greaaaatest earthquake ever known....

Hey! Rik's comic book is in this month's previews! In the independent comics, just before City of Heroes - Bloody Mary Productions is the company. Comic title is 'Tales of Bloody Mary' #1.

Tate's is going to be ordering copies, and it should be in the Hot Topic in Sawgrass, too, so I'll pick it up one of those locations.

Hot Topic ordered 1000 copies of the book, too .. and two Army bases want to carry some.

Good going!

Current Movies heading my way:

  • THX 1138: Special Edition

  • Reservoir Dogs

  • The City of Lost Children

I'll gobble those up by Saturday if they arrive on Wednesday.

I'm in the mood to swim. The ocean is within walking distance. Maybe after work today.

top 100 public domain e-texts this week at Gutenberg. (free for downloading!)

Tents with cows silkscreened on the side. cool.

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