February 20th, 2005

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7190 - Lobsters growl when they hold star wars figures.

A river with a fear of heights... that's almost interesting.

I almost went to the ren-fest yesterday, but then I remembered it's expensive, and is mostly bleh, save for the mud show and renfaeries, which rock. Instead, I just sort of shuffled around and burned the soles of my sneakers walking.

I'm thinking of applying something like this or this to my new journal/website layout.

ganked from here.

I make my letter "o" in a clockwise circle, and my "e" starting with the center stroke, not the outside. I wonder if it's because I'm left-handed?

Hm, No Gray's Anatomy, but I got Soylent Green instead. Chuck Heston makes a good post-apocalypse leading man... this combined with Omega Man and Planet of the Apes proves it. Plus, in SG, he gets to smack Chuck Connors around like a rag doll (including a kick to the beans that lifted the Rifleman right off of the floor.) I can easily see New York or Miami suffering from that level of overcrowding in 20 years, certainly in the 50 from the time that SG was filmed. I also forgot: DICK VAN PATTEN IN CHARGE OF SUICIDE BOOTHS!

p.s. Soylent Green Tea Ice Cream is one of the best flavors at the best ice cream store in Miami, The Frieze. I'm overdue to head back there... the last time I had it was August 12, 2001.

How do I know? My journal is the only thing that comes up on a google search for Soylent Green Tea Ice Cream. Same goes for Yahoo.

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I suspect the same guy that made the Robert did it tiles I saw a week or two ago. unlike the crossing sign button level of the others, these were at ground level.

I also caught a snap of this girl on the bus... I was reading a book on the palmtop, and I turned on the camera to snap a sneaky-shot. It turned out I was being observed, too. If I'd had my wits more about me, I'd have struck up a conversation. She looks like a red-headed version of my ex, April.

If you search for miserable failure in washington dc, on google maps, the closest match is George Bush.

danigolden did something cool on Friday. Keywords are: Scott Baio, Ham Steak, Jelly. Trespassing.

Puppet DJ. via wurzel

Moment of Lyric:

But blood makes noise
It's a ringing in my ear
Blood makes noise
And I can't really hear you
In the thickening of fear

$3.2B USS Jimmy Carter Enters Fleet Collapse )

Navy's Commission Page of the USS Jimmy Carter - Weird to me to see such a peaceful man's name attached to a warship of such aggressive design.

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