February 27th, 2005

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7205 - Be obsequious, purple, and clairvoyant.

Sunday, here again. Woke up at 4am... maybe I'll try going back to bed after I switch the phones over.

If I gave a quarter to every person that asked me for money yesterday on my walk, I'd have handed out $4.75. That's a lot of quarters, man.

The Awakening of Consciousness - pretty nifty cgi film... a fun mix of 2d/3d dev.

I think I still like the simplicity and music in Mr Scruff - Sweetsmoke better. Plus, it has pie.

Bro is in a maintenance program now... I don't have a lot of faith in methadone clinics, but we'll see what happens.

The ninja strikes silently, without warning. Like cobra. like.. the flu. The silent wind of doom blows with fury tonight. *whoosh*

Hmmm.. I was supposed to get together with EN yesterday, but I never heard from him. Maybe he meant next weekend.

Scheduled 2 more days off. 3/25 and 4/1. Stretching my time into tasty little long weekends. Coincidentally, that's spring break, so I might get a chance to goof with Danny a bit on those days, too.

The creator of the BK commercial with the rewrite of Big Rock Candy Mountain will never find hobo's paradise.

Moment of Lyric:

A garden is it's own perfect world Where everything has a place
Every leaf, every stone, every speck of dirt. But where's my place?

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