March 1st, 2005

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7208 - days run to weeks, lately.

I still can't get enough of this mime doing "torn".

Moment of Lyric:

Illusion never changed
Into something real
I'm wide awake and I can see
The perfect sky is torn

I'm going to invest in getting a deep massage sometime very soon. My back is very tight lately. I wouldn't mind a mud pack on my forehead and cheekbones, either.

Nude Man Steals, Wrecks Philly Police Car Collapse )

Like the beginning of a zombie movie. They'd better watch that bitten officer.

Collapse )

I wonder if Christian Science allows for the use of Psychotherapy?

I learned a new word. idiopathic. it means "of unknown cause". I rather like it. It's today's secret word.

Something I like about myself is that when I stand in a steam-filled room, water beads on my eyebrows, lashes, hair and beard. When that happens, I feel like one of those Japanese hot-spring monkeys in Nagano.

There's some sort of peace that comes over me when I'm steaming and cooling.. or even just meditating. My muscles unkink, my pores open, I can watch mist or incense smoke roll around the room. My mind goes to a blank place. When I clear my mind, stare off into space and feel what's inside. At my core, I'm at peace. I may hit points where I laugh or cry, but peel the onion far enough back, and I'm comfortable.

Sweat lodges are not my thing. too hot, too many people. I like to relax on my own.

Newt doesn't like when I fill the bathroom with steam, because it covers all the surfaces with a film of moisture. He doesn't mind when I burn a stick of champa or sandalwood.

If I'm not indulging in precipitation, real or manufactured, Newt's more than happy to curl up in my lap or by my side and trill a high-pitched purr-sigh.

I'm delighted that the monkey children know how to make snowballs.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle has a story about Choicepoint's continuing legal problems, hosted here on the MSNBC site. Turns out the company's been sued frequently for misusing personal data. Lots of good background in this story. In another related story, the Palm Beach Post reports that 10,000 Floridians were among those whose data was stolen.

With 10,216 possible victims, Florida trails only California and Texas in the number of residents whose personal information — the same information that can be used to open credit card accounts or drain bank accounts — was sold to a gang that has operated for more than a year.

tarpo's voice sounds a lot like mine, I think.

Thanks, Kerby, for the kind e-mail yesterday! It was quite a welcome find.

I have to check over my hit stats. For some reason, This Duckie-bath is getting a lot of use. [update: yahoo video search for "a evil duck" brings up two of my movies. I forgot I had a freewebs account. Funny what videos pop up when I just put scottobear in there.

Images works too... wow, I can't believe how strung out my brother looks here. He looks so much better, now. Side note... There are a *LOT* of pictures of Newt hosted to the 'net.

There's a kaleidoscope hidden in the toybox.

If you want to use geoURL, the mapper of doom might be helpful to find coordinates.

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7209 - these are the people in my neighborhood

Break at work, I figure I'll upload what's in my camera. Some scenes from life I haven't put online yet, that I've been meaning to.

This entry will be edited over time, for file size, scaling, hosting location, etc.

I'm really blessed to live in an area where the people are interesting, pretty, and active.

Shots from "Viva Broward" on the Riverwalk.

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

hmm, the thumbs don't seem to want to link.... naughty image shack. well, here we go then:

more non-thumbed hosted here -

Mayah and Cathi - hooray for hippies!

Mayah.. how big she's getting!

(old link to Mayah's First B'day -

Quick breakdown of

319 - Obligatory Cute Girl by the water. (Thumb 2, above)
321 - LORD OF THE FLIES! RUN! (thumb 3, above)
325 - Watch where the kick goes!
326 - Hand-spring kick (capoiera)
336 - Obligatory Colorful Local Winter Park Resident (thumb 1, above)
338 - Singer, not as good as Charo.
339 - Hippies and the Kidlets
341 - More Kidlets playing
343 - More Grass Skirters with Batons
344 - Still More Grass Skirters with Batons
345 - Yet Still More Grass Skirters with Batons