March 5th, 2005

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7214 - Saturday! Sleeping in? No! Try again Tomorrow, Mr. Wakeful.

Hmm.. must remember to renew domain, mine is up in a week! I'm glad Dave reminded me. I've owned since '97, and had a cheeseball freebie geocities page long before that.

I was going to catch a Movie with Dave last night, but there was literally nothing either of us wanted to see. Ah well. Maybe we'll play some mage knight, or just hang some other time.

This morning, I'm getting together with Danny, heading to Deerfield for a bit, so he can put in an appearance, greet the SF club, and either poke a nose into the Ren-fest or bounce off for a day of just goofin'.

Moment of Music....

Mashup of : The Beatles - Yellow Submarine / Genesis - That's All

From here (also here)

This guy has a *lot* of free, handmade fonts to look through.

Severe system crash last night.... sorry about bailing mid chat, bhk... it was fun while it lasted! Power blinkies and chkdisk made it slow to recover.

Mr. Sun Citizen Journalist Starter Pack

Montage-a-google. Create a quilt of thumbnails based on a search term or phrase. my first try was newtcam.

GrayPumpkin put me on to the Spider-man Bible site... our conversation eventually devolved into Christo-MODOK (MESSIAH ORGANISM DEIFIED ONLY for KINDNESS) Put a goatee, plasmatic Kirby-dots surrounding his be-haloed crown of thorns around this guy, and you've got a Big Jesus head firing of bolts of goodwill. *KWIZAM!* PEACE BE WITH YOU! *BRITZO!*

Oh, that's probably going to end up offending someone. Only if they don't know me. I love MODOK. He's my Favorite Giant head-in-a-body after Arnim Zola. (And blatant ripoff-homage the Hypernaut.) JC is pretty dang cool, too.

What? What?

HG2TG Trailer. Hm. Interesting Zaphod Redesign, and Ivan does a good Marvin voice.

Note, My PDA is more entertaining than a Guide, but less so than a Mother Box from New Genesis.

Chimps critically injure sanctuary visitor

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Giant Steps a pretty amazing flash movie, especially for having been made about 4 years ago via waxy_org

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