March 13th, 2005

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7234 - Arooo.

It's seven in the morning, Sunday. I have an hour left of being on call. I'm far too awake for this time of day, but there I am. Weekend morning appointments are semi-criminal.

Missing the days of Woolworth's snack bars and three comics for a buck. I have an urge to go to a half-empty 70s-style mall with orange walls, globe lights, and formica covered tables with random lines and speckled glitter designs on top.

Calle Ocho today, so no field trip to Miami. Crowded mobs. (at least Southwest Eighth Street between Fourth and 27th avenues.) Good food, fun music, pretty girls... well, maybe I will go. We'll see what the afternoon brings. Not too dear a haul from Fort Lauderdale.

Moment of Lyric:

Even a man who is pure at heart
And says his prayers by night
May become a wolf when the wolfsbane blooms
And the autumn moon is bright

I got a ton of writing done yesterday, because I was on a slow dial up connection and chained to the indoors. Nothing on the kid's book, but a healthy chunk on the bar fight story. Bellsouth is sending out a technician to replace the modem this morning between 8-11am, and my productivity will return to an appropriately slack rate.

Random Scotto factoid: There are times that I wouldn't mind a pot brownie, but I can't have one due to the nature of my job. (Random Tests, even if I'm not on duty).

I think tulips look really fake.

The mummified head of famous spy Mata Hari is missing from its home at the Museum of Anatomy in Paris. A recent inventory of the museum's holdings revealed that the head was missing.

Hari, convicted of spying for Germany in 1917, was executed that year. She faced a firing squad, refusing a blindfold. She also was said to have blown a kiss to the squad members before they fired. Sometime afterward, her head was removed from her body and taken to the Paris museum which houses the heads and brains of many other known criminals, among other items. The head is said to be mummified and has her trademark bright red hair.

Roger Saban, the museum's curator, believes that an admirer or collector somehow walked off with the famous head. via

She's my favorite mummified exotic dancer/ spy from WWI.

Face-character resources: Idaho mugshots Smiling drunks disturb and amuse me.

Girl Scout cookies remind me of Katt and her niece Wendy (who is now undoubtedly 20ish?) visiting my tiny little place in Boca... I wasn't expecting anyone, but I was having a moment of insanity, listening to the Carl Stalling Project cranked up and doing some sort of crazy computer thing on my Atari ST. Probably playing Starglider or messing around, drawing outer space taxicabs with Spectrum512.

I was incredibly broke right around that time... I think a month or two later, my phone was disconnected, and I spent a month calling Graypumpkin from the payphone at the post office across the street to remind him when Quantum Leap was coming on.

I think I might've been moderately insane at that point in my life, too. At least unbalanced.

I still can't believe that the term "MILF" has made it into common usage. - via GrayPumpkin. (This is something he and I would have done in a heartbeat)

Monkey hot or not

More free fonts!

cool tools - A cool tool can be any book, gadget, software, video, map, hardware, material, or website that is tried and true. Chiefly interested in stuff that is extraordinary, better than similar products, little-known, and reliably useful for an individual or small group.

Mother blames game in suicide of 11-year-old son

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Ugh... I was wondering how long it would be before someone pulled the "D&D lunacy" gambit with CCGs.

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