March 17th, 2005

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7245 - Erin go whatever

Happy St. Patty's, All you Irish!
(And I think everyone is Irish today.)

Happy Saint Patty's!

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I'm surprised I never dressed miniMAX up as a leprechaun for a holiday game.

Did blood again last night... it's good to be back on schedule with that.

Anneliese van der Pol. She's my favorite cute redhead from the Netherlands.

Set up 8 sexual predator alerts yesterday, and I'll be continuing with 8 a day for the next two weeks. I guess this is a prime time to teach all the daytime techs how to do it... 2 each! Indiana has reall y embraced that side of the program. BK returns today, too. Hopefully all went well in Utah.

The gang that did Puzzle pirates has created Game Gardens, a system to build and host your own multiplayer games with Java.

I dig this what dog are you quiz... the interface is snazzy, and it would seem that I'm a Saint Bernard. (Gentle Giant, protective of children, no unnecessary violence)

I have to get back into the "one hour of real writing" pattern again. That's when my best stuff comes out. I was reminded of my better loot yesterday, and I haven't produced anything that good in a long while.

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Pretty evenly between One Intellectual Individual and Earth-Child

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