March 27th, 2005

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7262 - Easter 2005

Hmm.. Since I won't make it to ultra, maybe today I'll snoop around for colored eggs. When I was little, my parents would help the Easter Bunny out by hiding little foil-wrapped chocolate eggs all over the house... we'd have a hunt all over the indoors, and put 'em in our baskets. Dad would pretend that he could smell 'em, and later, when I was old enough , I took the role of sniffer to assist my bro in the hunt. The baskets already had a couple of jellybeans and a yummy, (but hollow) chocolate bunny, too. I was shocked the first time a friend showed me that they had a Bunny made of *SOLID* chocolate. We dyed 3 eggs each, to make an even dozen... mine would always have at least one purple one with an orange Charlie Brown zig-zag, with dots in the valleys and the inverted Vs. Another would have some sort of face, usually sort of angry. The third... wildcard. Stripes usually were part of it.

Easter is where I learned to like hard-boiled eggs with lunch... and about the only time they were anywhere near the house, because I liked scrambled eggs even more.

Flashback to here.

Biggest Easter Egg in the world

Getting into Deadbolt lately. I dig the "goth learns to play surf-rock" vibe.

Hung out with Danny yesterday... we went to a Venezuelan bakery, had a little breakfast of juice with bread stuffs, and walked the plaza a little bit afterward. We burned off the meal, and headed over to our favorite watering hole.... sat at a table and just hung out for about four hours, chitty-chatting and relaxing.

It was also nice to talk to K the other night. Just gabbing can be a good break.

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Heard from the GM of my old Everway group, too... (Game started on 7/30/2000 / ended on 9/24/2000 - Character Played ) He offered to do a get-together and say howdy. I'm all for it.. surprising who finds you out of the blue.

Man, times have changed since then. Back then I was renting no-nose's studio, working and was with April.

Winners - 7 Seconds of Love (Newest Joel Veitch animation) More High-speed kitties. I like it better than "First Drink of the Day"

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thanks Sammy!

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7264 - anchors aweigh

3/27/05 10:15 am out on the waterbus, spending the morning cruising the river. pictures to follow, if opportunity arises.

12:14 pm Taking route A; doing famous houses, riverfront. fullest I've ever seen it. spring break

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7265 - shooter's

3/27/05 1:10 pm stopped at shooter's, having an iced tea and
artichoke/spinach dip. sun is strong, so I'm under the umbrella by the
pool. pretty waitress-Sam. supposedly there's a live band and a bikini
contest at 3; not my usual scene, but I think I'll stick around.

2:03 pm excellent food, good music. crowd is varied, folks with kids as well
as 20-somethings. no real spring breakers.

phenylalanine =

I need sunglasses, but I always lose 'em. A squinter's life for me, I guess.

so many women with piercings / tattoos / breast augs... more yes than no.
welcome to ft. lauderdale.

2:33 pm "Mighty Quinn" starts up - good jam, ugly band. Shaved hair, cheap
sunglasses, superb guitarist, vocalist needs training... weakest link.

2:54 pm covers of mellencamp & sublime, loking for audience participation ... bring back the jam!

3:11 pm hotel california... great, and then he sang. tears of blood for easter. not happy tears.

3:53 pm still no contest... vocalist so bad it's not worth it, even with the babe-o factor. adios, shooters, hello elbo room!

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