March 30th, 2005

Jupiter and Thetis - J.A.D. Ingres

7270 - meep-a-dorp-a-doodle ding

met mzkitten yesterday, and she's a total doll. Very nice, funny and a smartie (not to mention babe-a-liscious.. her boyfriend is a lucky fellow!) All LJ meetings should be so swell. I was compared to uberbastard, which is high praise.

Note to self - Burn Jen some Godsmack. She was a sweetheart, too.

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Betcha didn't know Scotto went to places with black lights in 'em, did you, dear journal? Oh, the scandal!

Major spammage for omaha/texas poker... I don't know why a human (must be a human, because I use catchpas on anonymous comments) is bothering to post 'em., they get screened. - (Cali) - Alestra - State of Georgia/Board of Regents (USG) - - (Russia) - MX-USCV4-LACNIC (Mexico)

these were the isp's the multitude came from.. Spoofed or part of some nationwide/global spam conspiracy? I got about 35 comment spams last night. It must be tedious work for a human... I'd think it would be simpler to make a fake account and do it that way.

Totem Generator

Free Image Hosting at Sabre toothed tiger - The sabre toothed tiger has been extinct for many thousands of years. However, he still stalks the hinterlands of the timeless dreamtime.

His is a savage and primordial energy, a reminder of the fierce spirit within Nature and within ourselves. In the modern world we can become too domesticated, and the yearnings of our animal spirit go ignored. Yet to remain whole and healthy we must embrace our animal selves.

The sabre toothed tiger is calling you to step out into the wild lands of Nature and feel the raw power.

You may also benefit from practicing a martial art or something similar - some way in which the untameable can live within your everyday life.

I got Newt!

Not related to the Nostradamus Quatrain Generator at all.

Earth-shaking fire from the center of the Earth
Will be found in the temple of the Vestals
It will be seized and plunged into the Vat
Nimes, Toulouse perish in water, the market to collapse

UV photos of flowers via

professional grade comic lettering fonts, for free.

Moment of Lyric:

your arms are calling out,
they wave like a swarm of sound.
you pull the sound from scores of notes,
you step the stage and take control.

It's all about Doc Ock, baby.

Radio David Byrne - via Mike Cohen

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