April 1st, 2005

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7272 - Bro stuff, mostly.

Vaykay Day off to a poor start.

Did I sleep in? No, because my brother called and woke me up at 6:20 this morning, but hung up before I could talk to him. (he must've realized he was calling too early. He called back at about ten past seven, to give me his latest sob story about his bike going stolen and living on the street and how he needs money for a daily bus pass to get to work. I know that's likely a pile of bs, because day labor stops reeling in at 6am.

I went to my change jar and set him aside the money in nickels and dimes, because I don't currently have any folding cash on me... and I won't give him anything more than a fiver at any rate. He picked up his food card here yesterday, and apparently he's cashed that all out already, too... so I made him a few PB&Js to take with him on the road. It hurts that I can't do anything to really help him, and I feel squeamish about giving him even bus fare's worth of dinero, because I worry that he's going to spend it on drugs.

[update: 7:30 - he called back and asked if I could write him a check for $20 to pay someone to "give him a ride around today", and look for his bike. I told him that I was sorry, but I couldn't do that. He said that he understood, but said that he figured he would ask. In a way, I'm glad he did, because it actually helped to strengthen my resolve about refusing him bigger funds.]

He says that he'll be by inside of an hour... he was surprised when I told him I wasn't going into work this morning... I think that he'd prefer to pick up the money and not face me. He mentioned that I could leave the money in the mailbox if I was heading out to the job.. that also means that he'll have to come by sooner than later if he wants his story to hold water.

In other family news: Mom bailed on supper out last night, and it's just as well. Her leg was bothering her, and I was beat from the day... we gabbed on the phone for about 20 minutes and that went well.

I gave GEO (big Kahuna's Husband) another tutorial on the computer after work, and showed him how to scan, print and burn images to CD (and rewrite) he's a swift guy, and grasps technology quickly for a guy in his mid-70s. His photography is amazing, too.

All new Making Fiends! (Special 4/1 edition!)

More spam-comments from

this time about diet, loans and Viagra, all in the same post (My birthday, 2003). did they figure out how to bypass the catchpa?

Random walkabout photo from lunchtime yesterday.

More Sticky-letters. Kram? Mark Backwards? Same guy that did Buk-50?

Contemplating a new cammy-cam-cam. Vacation-time. Save Money, Or Spend it? Probably save it.. I need to get some bucks to Dave and to Kev.

American Social Hygiene Posters ca. 1910-1970

Moment of Lyric:

I saw you 'cross the dance floor (dancin')
I thought of birds and bees (reproductive system baby)
And when I tried to speak to ya (talk talk)
My tongue unraveled to my knees (flippety-flippety-flop)

I tried to say I love you (love you)
But it came out kind of wrong, girl (wrong girl)
It sounded like "Nunubididoo" (tongue tied)
Nuh mur nuh murh ni nong nurl

I was just offered a small donation from a guy to use my "combover" doodle (I come up pretty early in google searches for that hairstyle) on his letterhead if I'd put his name on it. Apparently he's losing his hair. I said, sure! and promptly modded the doodle for him. I'll donate the money to my charity fund. That'll be my first piece of sold and commissioned art done on the palmtop.

I still prefer monkeysaw or Newt.

Christopher Eccleston (who did a fantastic job) the Doctor in the new Doctor Who tv show, now he's quitting. Bah.

Eccleston, whose first appearance as the ninth Time Lord attracted around 10 million viewers, feared being typecast.

Talks are taking place to replace him with Casanova star David Tennant.

A second series of the new Doctor Who, which will again be written by Russell T Davies and produced by BBC Wales, has already been commissioned.

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7273 - ok, enough's enough.

While I was in the shower, bro came by and snagged the packet of change on my doorstep in case I didn't hear his knock. Perhaps it's best that I don't see his face. I can't let him ruin my whole weekend.

Going out with Danny today at about noontime.

Possibly a Movie? Maybe Sin City, maybe Gunner Palace.

April Fools' Day - Origins, pranks, articles.

Comedian Mitch Hedberg was found dead in his New Jersey hotel room on 3/30. Obit I really liked his work.. one of the best comedians I've ever seen on stage.

No concrete evidence, but he's got a history of heroin abuse, and died of a "heart attack". Great. That's news I needed to hear today. I'd like to take a baseball bat to his coffin right now. I know it's a sickness, but hell.

My brother would rather live on the fucking streets, stealing half-smoked cigarette butts from ashtrays and getting stoned than straighten out. How powerful a hold does something have to have on a person to let it override everything else, including eating, being clean or having a place to live?

Son of a bitch, I'm pissed off now.... I can feel heat coming off of my body in waves and I've got adrenaline shakes.

I'm going for a walk to cool down.

Stay the fuck out of my way, if you know what's good for you.
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7274 - cool-down

Ok, I'm back and calmed again.

Here's what it took. I steam-walked about a mile up to the local drugstore and that pretty much burned off the excess adreno-fuel bubbling in my system. Once I got there, I picked up some shampoo and deodorant.. walked around and saw a lovely giant bucket-hat. (not unlike the one square bear wears (see icon). Mine isn't as rockin' as his, being just khaki-colored, but it keeps the head shaded and free of sunburn. Maybe I'll meet a foxy redhead in bunny slippers again.

Something that delighted me was a packet of caramel chocolate eggs (HUEVO DE CARAMELO!) "made with real goat's milk!" There were stacks and stacks of them... 75% off. In a week, they'll be 90% off, and I won't be able to resist getting one for less than a dime. 6¢ to be exact. How often do you see a cent sign these days? Especially with just one digit in front?


Goats and chocolate, together at last! just in time for after-easter discount candy sales!

Nay, I did not buy one, dear journal... my delight in the existence of such a thing was enough for me. Leche De Cabra! Also, the name "Pangburn's" makes me laugh, too.

How would I work that into a Chupacabra story? chupalechedecabra? goat-milk-sucker?

Anyhow, I'm feeling much better. Good thing, too. Dan'll be here in about a half hour, maybe sooner in weekday traffic.

You can get in my way again.
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7275 - Quick thoughts.

Sin City did a great job of transferring the comic panels to the big screen.

My only complaint is that it's a shame that the actors didn't have better lines to deliver, because a lot of it came out very wooden to my ears. (Sometimes stuff reads a lot better than it sounds out loud.) They got all of the dialogue in there, but didn't spend enough time making it sound natural. Hollow-sounding script aside, it was nicely assembled, and played out in the screen quite well. I have no need to see it a second time, but it's neat to know it's there. It might be interesting to view again to evaluate the scenes, but don't make me listen.

Best of show was the use of Marv, and Alba is very easy on the eyes.

Scene by scene comparison