April 2nd, 2005

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7276 - Saturday

Danny was embarrassed by my hat, he thought it looked old fogey-ish. So, I love it even more.

Hopefully getting together with tarpo and constance1010 for some Thai food this afternoon/evening. I'll leave Newt at home, so Tarpo won't have to worry about any fierceness-danger. Maybe Newt thinks Tarpo is short for Tarpon? A tasty fish. I'll call after 1pm today to see what's up.

Yesterday, the day went -

Rude awakening, lit fuse, got mad, walked it off, saw goat-milk eggs, got a woobie-hat, walked home, met Danny, got sushi for lunch, saw sin city, got soda & fritters (he got a pina colada) at Ugly tuna, went to Barnes & Noble (He bought 2 more discworld books - I've got him hooked on it, the watch in particular), went home, got re-annoyed with bro, discovered another broken netflix cd, and then settled in a bit to read lj, chatted with buddies online, got an Ice cream cravin', and took a walk to handle it. returned home, chatted more, worked on building a system, went to bed, and cuddled with Newt.

Moment of Lyric: 3 DOORS DOWN: DUCK AND RUN

And I won't duck and run
'Cause I'm not built that way
When everything is gone there's
Nothing there to fear
This world cannot bring me down
No, 'cause I am already here

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7277 - Bro in April, part 2

Bro called me about 10 minutes ago. His latest drama is the tale he told me of fall in off of the bus. The way he tells it, he ran to get on, the driver didn't see him, and closed the doors in his leg, cutting it open and pushing him to the ground. He says that he's banged up, and that by the time he'd gotten to the hospital "they couldn't put stitches in, because it had already healed some"... which sounds like bologna to me. I asked if he had filed a report, and he told me that he was going to file a delayed police report on Monday, but he has spoken with a lawyer and BCT.

This makes me think that it's a minor injury at best and that he's trying to blow it out of proportion so he can look to make some easy money. I reminded him that all BCT buses have cameras now, so they should be able to get a video tape of what exactly happened.

His voice was screwed up, and he sounded disoriented. Odds are good that it was self-induced, and not from any tumble.

If I counted off how many times this kid has been in accidents and wanted to sue somebody, I'd have to move on to another person after using all of my own fingers, toes, ears and anything else that might poke out and be used to tally.

I wish that identification of a problem meant that you had a solution. Not always the case.