April 4th, 2005

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7279 - Monday

Something that seems to keep cropping up. When you apologize, please don't modify it with "but".

Like... "I'm sorry I set your head on fire, but I was cold."

That just kills the whole thing.

You also need to tell the aggrieved party that (a) you recognize that what you did was wrong; (b) you feel bad about whatever wretched thing you did; and (c) you will genuinely do your best not to repeat said wretched behavior in the future.

Seriously, if your apology does not include all of these elements, it will not come across as sincere. It is not sufficient to simply say you're sorry but neglect to change your behavior. Changing the harmful behavior that led to the need for the apology is the most crucial element here; if you exclude it, you may as well not issue the apology in the first place.

Moment of Lyric:

Twinkle little star... in Bulgarian. see link below

April Fool Making Fiends, Now with subtitles. (For those that don't know Bulgarian)

Where To Find Great Free Photographs And Visuals For Your Own Online Articles

Broken people are everywhere. It's like the castoffs pile of a windup toy factory. Some are missing a foot or a need a touch-up paint job, but most have damage in the the clockwork. I saw a sick man shaking a hedge angrily and waving a handkerchief-wrapped hand covered in blood. I saw three 17-20ish year old boys yelling obscenities and rude comments to everyone who walked by. On the bus, there was a man who smelled as if he chose to sauna out the whiskey in his system rather than ever bathe, his hair a single thick, matted dreadlock, caked with whatever it is that makes dreadlocks work. He was dressed in several layers of soiled, heavy clothing... possibly because that was all he had in the world.

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