April 7th, 2005

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7283 - Quick like a bunny

Meeting went well. Bigger issues than I had thought, but that's a good thing, too. Dr Russell is a very interesting person. Obviously very quite smart (10 out of 10, I suspect), and very down to earth. I'll be doing a follow-up with him in the next week or two.

MASS in Concert this weekend...Broward Center for the Performing Arts­ Fort Lauderdale, FL. April 7-8, 2005 - MASS will feature their instruments both indoors and outdoors for this public event. They will also inform the attendees about the sculptural design of MASS instruments. I think I'll saunter over there and check it out.

Did blood again... watched Undercover Brother. I was amused.

All about Manners. Aww Kitty Cuteness! - This could easily be a day in the life with Newt. Her cat is named Newt, too! (No Gravy for my Newt.)

Bill allowing people to "meet force with force" heads to governor Collapse )

Oh, I don't know how much I like that. To Quote South Park - "Oh My Gosh, He's Coming Right at Us!" *BLAM BLAM BLAM*

Moment of Lyric

If you choose not to decide
You still have made a choice

Yesterday's travel piccies - More Sticker-letter graffiti.

Don't throw away the crossing sign!
Taken here

Sire Mozt? at another street crossing location.
a pattern? only corners? What does it mean?
Taken Here

Copycats, or did the person get borderless letters?
The Soi Magi? Wise men made of Tofu?
Maybe they ran out of letters? Soil Magic?
Taken here

America we stand as one video - Thanks Sammy! Sakes. This is awful. I Could've sworn by the beginning that it was going to have a planet of the apes ending. You maniacs.

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scotto monkeypulse

7284 - Sound bite -

Hmm, Looks like I'll be doing a TV sound bite spot for Broward county Transit.

Thank you so very much for participating in BCT’s photo shoot as a ‘testimonial’ support of public transportation and as a dedicated bus rider.

To recap, you will be providing a ‘sound bite’ to be used in the 30 second commercial promoting our Air & Sea Show shuttle bus service and generic bus service.

Please arrive: Monday, April 11th – 10 am

Central Bus Terminal, Broward Blvd. & S.E. 1st Ave., downtown Fort Lauderdale, Bus Bay “D”

Plan for at least 1 hour.

P.S. The spots will be aired on CBS 4 and UPN33 Pre-Show McDonald’s 2005 Air & Sea Show on April 23, 7:30 – 8 pm; 9 – 11 pm, and on April 24, 12:30 – 1 pm, and 9 – 10 pm.

I'll send you the exact schedule afterwards so that you don’t miss it.
Apparently they wanted to get a wide distribution of ethnicities. I'm filling the "White Hippie Guy" role.