April 10th, 2005

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Spent a good chunk of yesterday (after big duties were over) at the club.. it was a good time. Met Barkeep Susie, Barback Steve, hung out a bit with mzkitten, Meredith (?), and talked to a crazy drunk from Rhode Island who has been living in Ft. Laud for 30 years. When he asked mzk if she had a husband, she said yes, and that he was a dwarf. The drunk was eventually ejected, but not before some random gab took place. Poor Mzk stayed late, because of 8 possible night crew folk, one arrived an hour late, and the rest bailed or semi-bailed for the night. I left about 10pm, all tuckered out, just from hanging about. I'm sure Mzk slept well. I may be going with the crew there to ladies night at the poorhouse on Wednesday.

I brought a CD of Two Zombies Later for her, along with some other goodies. Got to love the Exotica Mailing list and creative commons. I hope she digs 'em. Want some groovy, free music? Check 'em out.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing Sahara. I wonder how completely unlike the book the movie will be.

I just got to redo all the passwords in a stack of old communities, due to an annoying security breach. Fortunately, I think I got them all before anything wacky was due to happen.

"Look on the wall behind you. Look at that little girl's face. I know you've seen it. But you know what she's never going to be able to see? She's never going to be able to see the simple wonder of a leaf in her hand - because there's not going to be any trees. You think about that."

- Lowe, Silent Running

You can take a tip from Smokey
that there's nothin' like a tree.
'cause they're good for kids to climb in
and they're beautiful to see,
you just have to look around you
and you'll find it's not a joke,
to see what you'd be missin'
if they all went up in smoke.


If you've ever seen the forest
when a fire is running wild,
and you love the things within it
like a mother loves her child,
then you know why Smokey tells you
when he sees you passing through,
"Remember...please be careful....
its the least that you can do."

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