April 13th, 2005

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7294 - Humpty-dumpty, fiddle-dee-dee.

Got a call from a corporate headhunter yesterday. Interesting and enlightening. We'll see what that has to offer.

The third episode of Dr. Who was nice, too. Not a bad trilogy thus far. Origin/intro, then a far future, then a nice gaslight zombie tale. Added bonus, use of the word Phantasmagoria, Charles Dickens, and Chloroforming people. (Not to mention the foreshadowing of "Bad Wolf", and episode 4)

I never got around to calling anyone "Little Cowpoke" the other day.

Moment of Lyric: (TMBG - Hovering Sombrero)

Time is flying like an arrow
And the clock hands go so fast they make the wind blow
And it makes the pages of the calender go flying out the window one by one
'Til a hundred years are on the front lawn
And the old familiar things are mostly all gone
But the old sombrero just keep hovering on
Hovering sombrero hover on

It's going to be a busy day at work today... I may come home and take a little nap before heading out to the poorhouse. I'm looking forward to seeing so many local folks. Looks like the mob is going to be medium-large. Some folks can't make it, but sounds like most will.

I have to call Kev, Dave, and do refreshers with Dan, Bro, and the Momster. Reconnect with Rachel and Graypumpkin.

I want to say something about Andrea Dworkin's death, but

I may've drummed up a bit of side business via Belle & Jen. (Belle is delightfully pneumatic, in huxleyan terms, of course. Quite far from an Epsilon)

Popular bands seem to be -
  • LeAnn Rimes

  • Mindy McCready

  • Garth Brooks/Brooks-n-dunne? "redneck Girl"

  • Christina Aguilera

  • Britney Spears

  • Lindsey Lohan

  • Little John

  • Nelly
Also, bring the Cramps for Mzk.

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scotto monkeypulse

7296 - Ack.

ADP installed some sort of viscious software on her computer, and it finally launched an ugly payload all over her system. Anti-spyware sort of caught it, but her proxies and assorted networking went kerflooey for a little while.

I get to give the "don't install any software on your system, however harmless it may seem (in this case, web accellerators and screen savers), because there are mean people on the internet that want to break toys that don't belong to them.

So, thanks to that, I get to little late to catch up running postal sorts for the magazine. I'm taking call for a little while for EN tonight, but I should still hav eplenty of time to get home, shower, and go out ot the poorhouse at 10ish.

In up News, Kari and Oona both came in today, and will be acting as tech reservists. First trial by fire will be Oona this Friday (I'll stay home, on call, just in case she hits any bumps.) Second will be Next Thurday and Kari. I've got ot come up with a good shedule for the crew... I really prefer to still give EN and MA the lion's share of hours, because they're both awesome techs, and could really use the money.