April 22nd, 2005

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7321 - Thank goodness it's Friday.

Happy Birthday, Bettie Page!

Dear Smoking Gun. Don't talk to me about Vaseline and Michael Jackson. *shudder*

Kari seems to be doing ok, so far. Not sure if she missed the predator launch or not.. we may've sent it out simultaneously.

Replacing Monday meeting with meeting today, because Big Kahuna is off to the Carolinas this weekend, and won't be back until midweek.

Things seen yesterday:

How to steal the most chair-space possible. Sleeping on a double-wide seat, and running legs over the three across the front. I call it the "rude bum" maneuver, because it takes seats from the elderly and disabled.. usually by vagrants that want a place to snooze for whole trips. Additionally, he's got a shirt over his head so you don't know what's underneath.. it could be the elephant man. It could be Brad Pitt. It's not moving.. it could be the skinless skull of a murder victim left behind.

Bus Heiroglyphs. What does it mean?

Sidewalk Closed, use other side.

More Sticker "ynot dose" graffiti. By the station (like here, from 3/13/05)

Newton in the Dresser.

Not seen, A space monkey.

Pictures I shouldn't look at before the coming air show. I really hope this forklift picture is a fake.

The Banana plant is an herb, not a tree. (The stem does not contain true woody tissue.)

There's not much difference between doe snot and does not.

I got to talk to ramscan for the first time in an age last night.. that was pretty cool. I have to make a point of catching up with him more. It sounds like he's doing well, and rightly so, he's a nice guy.

The Japanese have developed a Super-Strength "exoskeleton" to help the disabled and elderly.

No repulsors, chest beam or rocket boots on it. yet. Though in a slightly creepy coincidence the "suit's" name is HAL.

http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=mg18624945.800 Via Gray Pumpkin

Things written on Taco Bell sauce packets -
  • Out of all the those little packets, why me!?, Why NOW!?

  • Where are you taking me?

  • My sauce is an HONOR student at TACO BELL Middle School

  • When I grow up I wanna be a waterbed!

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scotto monkeypulse

7322 - *gibber*

IQ Dips More on Email Than Pot

Scientists find distractions of email, instant messages, and phone calls temporarily lower employee IQ by 10 points—more than twice the effect of marijuana. Collapse )

via Graypumpkin!

Hmm.. let's see. No loud music, no distractions, plenty of sleep.

I'm working at about a 18-20 point IQ defecit.