April 23rd, 2005

scotto monkeypulse

7323 - Laundry Day!

EN had more tech issues yesterday... the poor guy's backup machine couldn't cut it, so he used a neighbor's machine to take care of things. I'm still glade that Oona and MA are available as backup.

Played around with mzkitten's pic yesterday... fun to fiddle with a human model for a change! Got to spend some time chitty-chatting with her, sammykun and uberbastard too. Uber mentioned anarchy online and a nice person in my region that I might want to hang with, too. Anarchy is free until January, so I'll fool with it for a bit. We'll see if it's got the WoW / CoH vibe going for it.

I'm just going to do chores today... maybe go see Kung Fu Hustle with Danny, and maybe hit the ol' watering hole for a few hours.

I dreamt that I was out on walkabout with Newt... He wasn't walking... I was pushing a shopping cart, and he was riding in the front compartment. This was obviously an insanely stupid scotto, because he wasn't on a harness, and

Cutie Cthulhu-toons. (via eryx_uk)

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