April 29th, 2005

Kind lady

7337 - Poor Dan is in a droop (palindrome!)

Doing a lot next weekend... Friday with Jeff & B, Sat with Kev. This weekend, not so much. Pay rent, and bills, take call, go to the club, bar food, chit-chat, play with Newtie.

Some folks I know are getting pestered by that Primerica MLM network Scam. They've been at it for a while - see Sanjay's entry.

I remember when they were calling me after I started posting my resume online with Monster and Dice, back in '03. They claimed I'd be in a management position, but fortunately I sniffed around and found out what was really up. The weird thing was that they didn't even mention the company name at first.

Petroglyphs and Rock Paintings

A Stratellite™ is a high-altitude airship that when in place in the stratosphere will provide a stationary platform for transmitting various types of wireless communications services currently transmitted from cell towers and satellites. It is not a balloon or a blimp. It is a high-altitude airship.
Wifi via airship. Coolness. Sky Pirates of all kinds can't be far behind!

Moment of not being a total geek. I can wait for Sirenity to be shown on tv. I enjoyed Firefly, but the small screen is just fine. I may do the next Star Wars flick wit h Kev and the gang, though...social nerdity is more fun. I'm far more interested in Romero's Land of The Dead.

To supply the needed Nerd quotient: The Ladies of Star Trek (HARCOURT FENTON MUDD!)

Yet More of YNOT DOSE:


Dose on a on-way sign


Ynot Dose near CVS... actual graffiti, not stickers

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