May 2nd, 2005

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7342 -

Lovely cyberman cameo in the Dalek episode of Dr. Who. Also, more "Bad Wolf" imagery. (Just an In-joke?) Rather my least favorite one so far, but it was still worth a watch.

Moment of lyric -

And you know it like a poet, like baby doll
I bet she tried to say she gave me her all, she played ball
All bets off! The Villain got the dice rigged
And they say he accosted the man with the sliced wig

Allegedly; the investigation is still ongoing
In this pesky inition he gots the best con flowin'
The pot doubles, now they really got troubles
Madman never go *pop*!, like snot bubbles

Someone remixed a bunch of President Bush speeches and rearranged his words so that it sounds like he's singing "Imagine" and "A Walk On The Wild Side." (part of an entire album called The Party Party. Download it here.) via boingboing


I still think a freshly baptized baby (Especially if still wet from the fount) would be an awesome weapon against a vampire. Actually, I wonder how great a recently baptized born-again martial artist with a sharpened wooden leg would probably be the best. While wearing a Crucifix. At High Noon. In the Desert. On a clear day.

After the club, I went to see Sahara... it was a cute, dumb action film. Quite enjoyable. Solid Dirk Pitt fare.

I was complimented on my gentleness on Saturday, and was reminded that the Spanish word for toad is sapo (frog is rana). I can communicate in Spanish like a first-grader.

(El nombre de mi gato es Newton y él es anaranjado.)

During walkabout yesterday, a coconut nearly dented my noggin, and landed on the sidewalk with a really solid *THUNK* . If Isaac Newton lived further South, he'd have just discovered a concussion rather than a theory about gravity. If I was about 2 feet to the right, Newton-cat would've had to wait a while before a litte change.

Travel Pictures:
Cute little munchkin on the bus. We played at making silly faces the whole way up.
more sticky letter graffiti, right on the bus. TRIK

Pulp book Covers

They're coming for you, Barbara.

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7343 - interview meme

Someone asks you 5 questions, you answer them in your journal, and then offer to interview other people... so if you want me to interview you, comment :-)

questions from myid8myego

1. How did you and Newt find each other?

A friend's wife worked at the hospital, and someone brought in a box of very newborn kittens (3 weeks old, if that) They called me up and asked if I wanted one, and initailly, I said no thanks because I'm allergic. They couldn't find a home for him by the end of the day, so I said that I'd foster-parent him until a more suitable one came along. After a week of feeding him every four hours with a dropper and keeping him close to me for warmth, I called back and told them to call off the parent-seach, because I'm the mamma now. I'm glad of that, because he's the best possible buddy I've had over the last five-ish years. He sleeps in my bed, and hangs out wherever I go. I'm really glad that he weaned off of baby formula though, as it made his poo stink terribly.

2. Do you think altruism exists?

Absolutely. I don't buy into that "Altruism is an illusion, people do it for themselves" crap. It isn't all about a person's short term or long term interests.. sometimes it's just about helping people. It's actually quite easy to put the needs of another person before yourself. A person is willing to run into a burning building to save an infertile person in a coma. Or give the shirt off of his back so a stranger can be warm.

I don't much care for the argument. Probably because I view people as individuals, not as matter that wants to breed and pass itself on.

3. Why is your favorite book your favorite?

I have a lot of great books on my list. Dandilion Wine (by Ray Bradbury) is really high up there, becuse I think it's a grewat distillation (pardon the pun) of excellent characters, nostalgia, fantasy fiction and flow. It's viewed from a child's eyes, and told by an adult. Probably one of the best-told tales written in the 20th century, in my opinion.

4. Do you wish life came with do-overs?

I could see them coming in handy in case of emergencies, but for the most part, no. It'd just make us lazy, and it's just simpler to live with things as they come, and move on.

5. If you had a son, what is the one thing you would be sure to teach him?

Play straight with people. Lies and cheats may work in the short term, but in the end, you get found out, and people are slow to forgive. EVERYTHING has repercussions. Besides, it's a lot simpler to keep your story straight if it's the truth.

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