May 4th, 2005

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7345 - We gonna have a good life.

Added the Enzyte theme song to my webjay playlist. one day I don't come into the club, Fishbone shows up! I was going to give a big Bah, humbug, but mzk hooked me up with a VIP pass to go see 'em last night for free-like at the Culture Room! I had a mighty fine time. Pics to follow later, when I have time to slip them in. The other Band, Slightly Stoopid wasn't bad, but Fishbone was truly excellent. I've loved 'em since Tapeheads.

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Why is someone calling Newton "Guido" at Kittenwar? (thanks for the pointer, talonvaki) He's currently #40 on the war rankings. I've since added him in 5 kitten poses (and proper name!)

If I've learned anything from my brother, it's that you can never hit rock bottom. You can always fall lower.

More updates to the interview meme

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