May 6th, 2005

Kind lady

7349 - Potter! You're nothing but a scurvy little spider!

NO Bro this morning or last night? I wonder where he ended up? I showered last night so that when he was going to come a-knockin' at my door, I wouldn' tbe mid-soap. I got worked up into a stressful ball for no good reason. Man, that kid ticks me off.

Local LJer (Joseph Pagano) got arrested on 33 counts of "unlawful sexual acts with certain minors / battery" I guess I'll be doing a sexual predator alert on him when he gets out... if he gets out.

Good to see phillykat back in action, now she needs to enable comments!

live broadcasts of both the Coral Springs Police and Fire Department and the Broward County Police and Fire Rescue. via Coral Springs

list of 10-codes / signals if you need help following what's going on.

Purging deleted usernames (via lj_maintenance)

Warning: If you have a deleted LiveJournal account that's for years been saying, "This will be deleted in 30 days" and you've gotten so used to it never deleting that you assumed we never will ..... we will.

Tomorrow we'll start actually deleting deleted accounts. Warn any friends of yours that have deleted accounts that you think they might still want. (some people delete to hide their journals I hear.....)

Didn't do anything for Cinco de Mayo - it was very stormy and wet, plus I had to stay late to get something to the DoJJ. Exporting powerpoints into word is pesky, but doable with a little fiddling.

I'm getting the urge to put a beaded braid in a lock of my hair again. Maybe one of the club girls will help me out with that, since I never seem to see the hippies anymore.

The furry turtle's birthday party on the lily pad.

Woman Gets 20 Years for Staging Fake Death Collapse )

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