May 8th, 2005

scotto monkeypulse

7352 - Brought to you by Captain Scotto Laserous Explosion and Kitty-Newt Exploserous Laser

Happy Mother's Day!

Thank you to all the fine folks that helped to nurture, raise, and otherwise bring children into the world.

Bro called me multiple times while I was out from a pay phone to get his lost cell. He wants it delivered to my apartment, even though I've told him time and again that I don't want anything of his associate with my place, but he ordered it already. He's probably going to camp out by my mailbox Tuesday morning, looking for it.

Yesterday was pretty nice, all told.

Stats: BP=118/81, iron @ 44, cholesterol highish, at 172, type A positive

I got:
  • my hair braided by a pretty Columbian girl that also likes to hug.

  • to hug a pretty Columbian girl that also likes to braid hair.

  • a sticker for the club from mzk

  • a free lunch

  • a stack of free drink cards from Gil (the manager), also via mzk

  • to donate platelets at midday

  • a good walk in

Things seen out yesterday on route to and from doing blood work.
Tiny little car.. just big enough to fit two very thin people in the front.
(more like one American that has actually ever eaten at Mickey-Dee's.)
BMX graffiti, on bike shop
Racing bikes, also on the side of the Bike shop
Maltese Crosses? The I in "mission" is a candle... I look forward to finding the explanation for this. (it was the exit sign from a church parking lot... folks going to spread the word, no doubt, but when I think of the Mission Field, I think of foreign countries, like the Peace Corps, or whatnot. Then again, Fort Lauderdale can be pretty alien to a missionary mindset.
The corner of Sunrise and NE 20th. Stomping grounds, near the Thai food place and the Japanese market.
More YNOT Graffiti.. no sticky-letters this time. Near Federal and 5th.
YNOT from a different perspective. No sign of "DOSE".

Bernie Dexter - Bettie Page-style pinup model.

Hitler's ghost was roaming about Europe until 1970 Collapse )

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