May 11th, 2005

sleestak idol (Enlightenment)

7357 -

Saw brother yesterday. He was hanging out with Andy. Dumbasses, the both of 'em. This was after they were lurking around my pad waiting for DHL's COD cell phone to arrive. The idiots took down my wind chimes and tossed 'em in a corner, and they made off with a part for my grill (no doubt to use for cooking at whereever bro is currently camping). Most probably Andy is staying there, too.

I'm REALLY glad that I didn't loan him my key to wait inside.

Bro's officially on my list. I'm an inch from ratting him out to his probation officer. I won't, but he's really pressing my buttons.

Coughing a bit more this morning, and zonked out early again. Slept from about 7pm to 6am. The Body is certainly trying to burn off something.

Officially turned down by TSIC. Bah. I think that I had a real shot there. At least I got an answer.

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7358 - Why is the opening of men's pants called a "fly"?

One root of the word "fly" (meaning "to soar through the air") also implies "flapping." Several sites revealed that tent flaps, which cover the tent's fasteners, much like on your 501s, lent their name to fly-front pants. The first documented use of "fly" meaning "tent flap" was in 1810.

Europeans started getting into pants, as we know them, in the 16th century. Fly-front trousers were invented around 1650, although the flap didn't gain its flighty name till later. This center-front opening was considered a little risqué, and pants closures changed between a fly and a fall-front style for the next century or two.

In 1844, a book about military clothing made the first recorded use of "fly" to mean "pants opening."

scotto monkeypulse

7360 - Holy Days

set up two holidays in July.

7/1 (which dovetails nicely into the Monday 7/4 weekend) and 7/29.

I had to use 'em up before my august anniversary rolled over, or lose 'em.

Hopefully, I can get some goof time in with Danny, since it's summer.