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June 3rd, 2005

7416 - Friday. Club after work!

Self-Note re: Bro - nmha - info? 800-969-6642 xt 4312 9-5 m-f

Club tonight, at least for a little bit, barring call emergencies. Hopefully tomorrow with Danny, too.

Darth's Daily Tragedies.

Celine Dion as Michael Jackson. Why do I like this?

quote [ ...began as a normal traffic stop but took an ominous turn when the driver refused to get out of her SUV. It ended with a Boynton Beach Police officer hitting the 22-year-old woman twice with his Taser during her arrest. ]

disturbing video. I suspect she had a panic attack, because a taser doesn't normally cause someone to flip out like that.. it hurts, for sure, but that stops right away.

She was warned four times, but preferred to hang out on the cell phone. Look at the other videos to see how the encounter started; he actually spoke to the woman a bit before taking her license and registration. When he returned and asked her to get out of the car, it was because she was driving with a suspended license and he intended to arrest her.

Old News, but I hadn't seen the video. I used to work for the City of Boynton Beach (library), way back when.

Sunset was gorgeous last night. The rainclouds parted the sun came out, and turned the sky all sorts of beautiful warm colors before fading to purple.

Free doughnut day at Krispy Kreme. I'll stop in if one crosses my path, but won't make a special trip for one. Free ice cream, that's I'd make a plan for.

Had the exceptionally pleasant experience of meeting firpo (quite an accomplished writer and artist out of California) on my journal yesterday in my comments section. It's lovely when anonymous comment-folk pop in and say hello! Sometimes I think LJ is rather insular regarding non-lj types. I had the pleasure of seeing some of firpo's work, and I quite liked what I saw -- I may have to buy the book, too.

mzk called from New Mexico... has a UTI, and Mr. Tiggs nearly escaped on her, but aside from that, all is well. Will be in Cali by the weekend, I imagine.

Researchers from Stanford and Cornell have designed a camera sees behind objects. I remember that scene in Bladerunner when decker manipulated the photo to see one of the replicants around the corner of the apartment and I was cool but no way is that possible, well now it is."
- via graypumpkin

Oh, dear. Now this is a bit of ugly advertising for LJ:

Create-Your-Own Web Sites Can Lure Sexual Predators Read more...Collapse )

Sort of odd when my daily search for Sexual Predator News info, and getting LJ as a result. The original article has a video broadcast element worth watching too. I do agree that parents should keep an eye on what kids are up to online (including cell-phone use for posting images and text to the web)

Moment of Lyric:

It's a thousand pages, give or take a few,
I'll be writing more in a week or two.
I can make it longer if you like the style,
I can change it round and I want to be a paperback writer,
Paperback writer.

Got to chitty-chat with Sam for a bit, too... first time in a while.. we seemed to keep missing one another. He got a lacerated hip and was mugged! He sounds ok.

Tyrant in the House?Collapse )

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