June 7th, 2005

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7427 - Only Tuesday? A whole week before payday?

I would like one of these.

Where all your dreams are realized (as long as you dream of rolling down a hill inside a giant plastic ball).

Got sort of hot in the morning meeting yesterday. BK went off sort of half-cocked, and burned RI's biscuits. A lot of angry folks afterwards, and the meeting was a pressure cooker for the gang from 8:30-noon. I'm glad I bug out early. If BK's not careful, she's going to burn the wrong bridges just by not following a proper path of communications.

These webcams were found automatically through Google with a variety of clever search techniques. Their owners might or might not have intended for them to be public. But they obviously are. Many of them are security cameras in companies or semi-public places. If you hover over the picture you'll see what location information is available. If you click on it, a window will open and you can see a live video feed, plus comments and ratings and other information.

Speaking of my full, fuzzy beard - Weren't we talking about my full, fuzzy beard, dear journal?

Download a bunch of cool old GI Joe comics and audio from book/record sets.

Moment of Lyric: (mp3) via

Early one Sunday morning, Jesus came into my room.
Woke me up and said, we're gonna have a run!
I jumped, out of my bed,
Put on my Jogging shoes,
My wife, she woke up,
Said, What are we gonna do?

And I told her (told her)
Jogging (jogging)
for Jesus (for Jesus)

Oh, yes I am now.

Great & funky.

Florida judges are tossing out DUI cases when defendants ask to see the source code for the breathalysers that busted them -- the manufacturers won't turn over the source, and since the machine's correct operation is critical to establishing the case against the DUIers, the case is dismissed when it can't be produced.
All four of Seminole County's criminal judges have been using a standard that if a DUI defendant asks for a key piece of information about how the machine works - its software source code, for instance - and the state cannot provide it, the breath test is rejected, the Orlando Sentinel reported Wednesday...

Seminole judges have been following the lead of county Judge Donald Marblestone, who in January ruled that although the information may be a trade secret and controlled by a private contractor, defendants are entitled to it.

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