June 8th, 2005

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7430 - Humpty-hump

So, now I have 100 user pictures available now. I'll just repopulate with all my old saved ones. The only one I can't seem to find is Papa Smurf from the old days, which is easily recreated. I also tossed a couple of stock one found in my travels that struck my fancy. (Zombie Robin, Zim and the pig, Ewok Love, and the meow cats.) I made a couple of others too, that I'd been meaning to resize.

I currently use about five with regularity, depending on the primary topic of what I'm writing about and the remaining are all silly-filler. Maybe I should make a theme out of a few, like 20 or so?

Got a lovely phone call from MP yesterday.. that took the edge off nicely.

1. Copy and paste this into your journal:
<*font color="yourusername"> <*b>yourusername<*/b><*/font>
2. Eliminate the asterisks.
3. Replace "yourusername" with your user name.
4. See what color you are.


For posterity, a current picture of me, that makes me look a bit like Rocket Red 4 out of uniform. My widow's peak seems quite amplified, too.

Using Newtcam for a non-newt pic!

The Bear! (found via the photo meme and greenelvish)

Moment of Lyric - mp3

I heard you on the wireless back in '52
Lying awake intent on tuning in on you
If I was young it didn't stop you coming through

Oh-a oh

They took the credit for your second symphony
Rewritten by machine and new technology
And now I understand the problems you can see

Collapse )

I miss my old Nav-bar

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Prisoner Quiz

7431 - what're you doing? thingum

Your NOW and LAST by Nightflax
What color is your hair?Brown with a little blonde, auburn, black and gray mixed in
How Tall are you?6'5ish
What music are you listening to?Orbital - Doctor Who
What can you see (other than the computer)?Newt chewing on a business card *again*
If you reach out your left foot, what will it hit?A big subwoofer
What can you hear?Music, newt chewing, keyobard clicks, a/c whir, pc fans, crunching toast
What is bothering you?the distance from here to colombia
What are you in love with?Newt snugs
What do you dislike?free-floating anxiety
What can you smell?peanut butter toast
What hurts?pain? Nothing on my body is currently hurting.
What is on your head?a brown hair tie elsastic
What is your computer's background?MP and Newtie.
What is in your wallet?bus pass, assorted business cards, seven dollars, a condom, newt whisker
What position are you in?sitting, leaning to the left a bit
Where are you?home, in front of big brain
How are you feeling?Not bad. a little sleepy
Who would you like to hug?I'm a hug whore. I'll hug just about anyone that isn't stinky. That said, my pref currently runs to MP & Newt
Where would you like to be?Cuddling in South America
What color are you favouring?Orange, usually, but Red, Green, Blue and Black are all nice.
Who is messaging you?nobody at the moment.
Who is your most recent Xanga, LJ or DJ entry from?on my reading list? eryx_uk / commented? phillykat
Who is the last person you saw?a guy with a moustache driving a shovel-truck
Who is the last person you missed?MP
What is the last place your feet took you to?My chair, here.
What is the last place wheels took you to?Home, via bus.
What is the last drug you took?multi-vitamin before breakfast
What is the last thing you said?Hmph. hot!
Who did you last speak too?the toaster oven. (last living thing, Newt - last human bus driver "thank you!")
What is the last book you read?Last completed - Night Watch / Current Read - Rereading Bratpack
What is the last TV show you saw?A snippet of Smallville. Last Whole show - Family Guy
What is the last Movie you watched?Fog of War
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