June 14th, 2005


7445 - Whatchamazog? Four Yaks and a Dog? Laxative Log? Sapsuckafrog? Susan?

Compressor on the fridge crapped out, and I can't seem to get in contact with the landlord. Not sure what action I'll take if that situation continues. It's been coming a while now.. the freezer has been fritzy since the hurricane evacuation and power outage.

I'm not really in much of a mood to write. Not in my journal or the community project. I'll keep typing for a bit, and see if I move past it.

Watched a bunch of JLU episodes that I've been grabbing off of torrent, but never got around to viewing. I dig The Question more than I thought I might. Combs has a great voice for him, and he drives a mean Pontiac, too. The Huntress is a good tie for him.

I like how they kept Billy Batson looking CC Beckish, too.

Second season has this whole Cadmus / Amanda Waller thing going... interesting to see a continued storyline after first season's collection of one-shots.

Interesting. It looks like I'm a few episodes ahead of the air time, unless they're cycling reruns on cartoon network. I've got up to episode 11, and the last one they've aired is #8.

Spoilers, highlight if you must see 'em.

The End of Episode 11 where Brainiac is hidden inside of Luthor's body was a nice nod to Alan Moore's "Last Superman Story". Is that the season Finale? Prof. Hamilton still is a surprise... and I'm glad to see that the Red Tornado isn't totally destroyed in *every* major fight scene he's in. I got a little squeamish seeing Superman crush a Mother Box. Aren't those things sentient.. or at least quasi-living? Maybe in the cartoon they've been downgraded to palmtops with a teleport link. Two more episodes before total finale?

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